Blockaroo Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

parent and teacher choice awardBlockaroo Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner

Toy – STEM for kids 18 months, and 3 to 6


Looking for a unique STEM toy for toddlers and preschoolers?

How about one that also fosters engineering, spatial reasoning and problem solving as they get a bit older – as a 3 to 6 year old?

Our top pick is called Blockaroo, from It gives kids hours of endless fun, while teaching them to count, sort, and stack while stimulating tactile and sensory development.

We could not wait to open Blockaroo, which has magnetic foam builders that never repel each other!

Immediately, we gave it to a preschooler who played and played with it, laughing and enjoying himself the whole time!

Want to sterilize Blockaroom magnets when they need cleaning? Just pop them into the top rack in the dishwasher!

Besides building socialization and STEM skills, kids can even play with these unique toys in the bath as well!

What more could a parent want?

Blockaroo from is our unanimous choice and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from and we highly recommend it to parents and teachers.

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Parent and Teacher Choice Awards

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