Learning Disabilities

A Growing Guide to Help Everyone Learn How to Learn

Learning Disabilities

ABCs of Academic Success Course

This Parent and Teacher Choice Award-winning course is for parents who want to help their child with learning, attention or anxiety issues thrive!

Unlike other courses, Dana Stahl, M.Ed., had a learning disability herself as a child. She lived what she can now help you solve! She became a learning specialist to guide parents, step-by-step, so they need not lack the information nor the support they need to help their child thrive in what can be a complex process to navigate.

Learn more about her ABCs of Academic Success course here and discover all the ways she can help you and your child thrive!

3D Learner

learning disabilities

Want to help your smart, struggling student with a learning difference, be successful and happy? How about a peaceful home life?

During the 2 months of Parent Coaching, your child learns how to set goals, complete assignments, and use their learning difference to their advantage. Your child will also reduce the time they spend on homework and learn how to be stress-free.

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3D Learner

learning disabilities

Your one hour Personalized Strategy Session gives you a Personal Success Map for your child. This is the plan that you will rely on continuously to help your child succeed both at home, at school and in life.


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